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Welcome to Clinical Psychologist Kerala

Unity to serve Better Treatment Psychologists

The Clinical Psychologists Kerala Region is a premier organization. We work to promote and develop clinical psychology as a profession and as a body of knowledge and skills. As well as enhancing psychological knowledge and understanding for the benefit of the Kerala population.

We unite for bettter

To represent, support and promote those clinical psychologists with accredited post-graduate qualifications in clinical psychology, and advance the standards of the profession, in the best interests of the public and the profession.

To support the development and implementation of best practice models for service provision within a comprehensive mental health care system which promotes equity of access and affordability to the public.


What We Do Best

What We Do Best

  • Best In Services


  • Best In Services

Psychoeducation & Training

  • Best In Services

Psychotherapy & Counseling

  • Best In Services

Psychometric Assessment & Evaluation


About Us

Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists Kerala Region

Registered as per Travancore Cochin Scientific Literacy Act 12 of 1955 Reg No. ER 199/10


Dr. Sany Varghese


A. Sreelal

Sharikka Sham

A.G. George

Jomon George


General Secretary

Dr. Gitanjali Natarajan

Joint Secretary

Mr. N. Vipin Chandra Lal

Mrs. V. S. Dhanya


Mr Barsleeby Alex Daniel

Executive members

Dr. E. D. Joseph

Dr. Satheesh Nair

Dr K.V.Anoop Kumar

S.S. Sarath

Soney Thomas Olickan


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Total Doctors


Ambulance Car


Saved Hearts